Case study

Apple Music


Within six months of our engagement:

  • Schoen Cooperman Research helped build a base of 10 million subscribers
  • We generated more than 100 million in monthly revenue


In 2015, Apple Music launched into the highly competitive music streaming industry with a brand new platform and offering.

In order to succeed, Apple Music required an integrated marketing and communications strategy to drive awareness, interest, and subscriptions to its service.


Our research provided data-driven analysis and actionable recommendations for Apple Music’s marketing.

We devised strategies for Apple Music to target and engage narrowly defined consumer segments and demographic groups with diverse musical interests.


Our advanced and comprehensive testing of Apple Music’s website and advertising enabled Apple to better present their product to prospective consumers by educating them about the benefits of its offering.

Our data-driven findings and recommendations also helped Apple attract consumers from competitors and drive them to the Apple Music platform.


Within six months of our partnership kickoff, Schoen Cooperman Research helped Apple Music achieve some of its primary goals:

  • Building a base of over 10 million paying subscribers
  • Converting a significant number of them from other music apps
  • Generating more than $100 million in monthly revenue

Further, Schoen Cooperman Research enabled Apple Music to reduce user churn and examine potential partnerships to create effective marketing synergies with third-party products and services.