Case study

Progressive Causes and Political Reform


  • Research partner to Everytown for Gun Safety
  • Helped elect officials supporting climate change
  • Partnered with Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids to ban flavored e-cigarettes and raise awareness of the youth vaping epidemic
  • Passed non-partisan redistricting reform initiatives

Gun Safety, Climate Change, Public Health and More

Our work at the city, state and national levels has advanced gun safety legislation, addressed climate change, targeted public health crises, and supported government reforms to make our systems more democratic.


Gun Safety

Schoen Cooperman Research is a research partner to Everytown for Gun Safety, conducting polling and developing messaging strategies on gun safety reform and on reducing gun violence.

As Everytown’s pollsters for their effort to help Democrats take control of both chambers of the Virginia General Assembly in 2019, we developed a messaging strategy to target voters across 21 swing districts in the state. We also supported their efforts to elect Ralph Northam governor in 2017.


Schoen Cooperman Research conducted ad testing for Everytown’s Get Out The Vote (GOTV) efforts in the 2018 midterm elections to help Democrats take control of the House of Representatives. We conducted polling and developed messaging strategies to pass initiatives to expand background checks on gun sales in Nevada (2016) and implement universal background checks in Washington state (2014).

We also have conducted messaging research to advocate for gun safety reforms, increasing the awareness and importance of the issue for voters, as well as positioning research vis-a-vis the NRA.


Schoen Cooperman Research has conducted polling and ad testing to help elect hundreds of local, statewide and national officials that support addressing climate change.

We also designed and executed research to develop a communications strategy to build support for Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s plan to close three coal-fired power plants.

Public Health

In partnership with the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids, we spearheaded the effort to educate people about the e-cigarette epidemic among youth.

We worked to ban flavored e-cigarettes and vaping products nationally and in specific states and cities. Using our polling data, we developed a communications strategy to elevate the concern of youth usage, and increase awareness about the seriousness of e-cigarette consumption.

We have also held the role of chief strategists and pollsters for the efforts to reduce soda and sugary beverage consumption in San Francisco, Oakland, and Berkeley, CA through taxes.

We utilized polling and in-depth focus groups to develop successful messaging frames for different constituencies, targeting core supporters and swing voters. Our findings also informed testing and refining of TV and digital advertising.

Government reform

Schoen Cooperman Research helped pass nonpartisan, citizen-based redistricting reform initiatives in Colorado, Michigan, Missouri and Utah in 2018. These measures ensure that districts are drawn fairly rather than by the party in charge.


We conducted in-depth viability and messaging polling research, including MaxDiff analysis, to determine with statistical precision the messages that would most significantly generated support for the initiative.

We also helped pass Ranked Choice Voting in Maine in 2016.