Case study



  • Helped grow the brand into a multi-billion dollar, internationally recognized retail, hospitality, and lifestyle brand
  • Informed the expansion of offerings and moved into new markets


A decade ago, Margaritaville was more commonly known as one of Jimmy Buffett’s most popular songs and a regional chain of tropical-themed restaurants.

Given the strong cultural value of Buffett’s music and his brand, Margaritaville had ambitions to expand into hospitality, lodging, gaming, media & entertainment, and retail and product offerings.

Simultaneously, Margaritaville wanted to understand its value, strength, and opportunity for further growth beyond its direct association with Buffett as the brand sought to become a true lifestyle brand.


Our consulting services to Margaritaville center on data-backed branding and growth solutions. The various strategic research and branding initiatives we have conducted on behalf of Margaritaville have helped the brand understand how to most effectively:


  • Position itself as a leading lifestyle brand
  • Engage and expand their consumer base through in-depth profiling and segmentation analysis
  • Develop and launch new properties and product offerings
  • Expand to new markets in the United States and around the world


Through our ongoing partnership, Margaritaville has grown from a chain of tropical-themed restaurants to a multi-billion dollar, internationally recognized retail, hospitality, and lifestyle brand.

Schoen Cooperman Research has helped develop and grow Margaritaville’s brand, expand its offerings, and move into new markets while navigating a complex landscape.